Runner FAQ

These are common questions we get that have the same answers for all Final Kick Events. Click on the question to see the answer.

Can I change distance?

Yes, you can log into your account on and change at any point while online registration is still open. Going down in distance doesn’t cost anything, going up costs $10 per distance increased. If a distance is sold out, you can not transfer to it. You can change distance at packet pickup before the race or at the race, as long as the distance is not sold out. That is the risk of waiting until the last second, so if you know you are going to change distance you are better off doing it before online registration closes.Instructions on how to change distance can be found by clicking here.

Can I register on race day?

If you missed online registration, you can register at packet pick up the day before the race or at the race as long as the distance you want is not sold out. We can only take cash in person, we are not set up to take cards in person. ($40 for 5k, $50 for 10k, $70 for half, $100 for marathon typically). You can only register for events that have not sold out.

Can someone pick up my bib / packet for me?

Yes, just please send them with someone showing you would like them to pick it up. An email from your email address is the easiest, or a note with your signature.

Do I need to have ID with me for beer or wine at the races we have those?

If you look like there’s a remote possibility you are under 21 it would be a good idea. The wineries and breweries that serve alcohol are responsible for verifying they are not serving anyone under 21. Some of our races we will have a beer garden to section that off or provide over 21 wristbands.

What are the overall prizes?

They are prize packs with goodies from Final Kick Events. Typically a mixture of gift cards, shirts, hats, etc.

Do you comp entries for elite runners?

If you have done better than the following in the last year we will comp your entry: Male 5k – 16:00, 10k – 33:00, half – 1:20, marathon – 2:55…Female 5k – 18:00, 10k – 36:00, half – 1:25, marathon – 3:10. Send us a message on the contact page.

Do I get anything for bringing friends? (a.k.a. a referral bonus)

Why yes, you do indeed earn perks for referring friends. Once you sign up for a race, you can earn $5 back for each friend that signs up using your referral link…all the way up to earning your entire entry fee back. Your referral bonus will automatically be refunded to your bank account within a few days of your friends and family signing up using your referral link. You receive your referral link in your confirmation email.Instructions on getting your confirmation email resent are here..

What do I get for volunteering?

Well besides the warm fuzzy feelings of helping out your fellow humans, we give our volunteers a free race entry that can be used on any of our races. You also are helping indirectly raise funds for local charities (currently Girls on the Run is our primary charity).

Can I change my shirt size or drink option?

Yes, sign into your account to make the change while online registration is still open. Instructions on how to change shirt size or add-on options can be found by clicking here.

Can I get transferred to a different race (i.e. change from Run 4 Luv to Shamrock Shuffle)?

No. What we buy for one event can not be used on another event (i.e. shirts, medals, food, insurance, permit, etc). You are welcome to purchase the event insurance during your registration if you are concerned you will need to switch events.

Can I get a refund?

We are happy to offer an insurance option when you are registering in case you get injured or have an accident or several other scenarios that make it unable for you to attend. The complete insurance details can be found here.

Can I transfer my entry to someone else?

No, but we are happy to offer an insurance option when you are registering in case you get injured or have an accident or several other scenarios that make it unable for you to attend. The complete insurance details can be found here.

Can I defer to next year’s event?

No, but we are happy to offer an insurance option when you are registering in case you get injured or have an accident or several other scenarios that make it unable for you to attend. The complete insurance details can be found here.

Do you give out medals?

All finishers for all distances at all of our races get custom cut die cast awesome medals. Our marathon medals are 5″, half are 4″, 10k are 3 1/2″, 5k are 3″.

How can I see if I’m registered for a race?

Go to the registration page for the race you are wondering about, click on Find a Participant, and enter your first and/or last name and hit Search.

Can I see if I’m registered to volunteer at a race?

Sign in to, click on Profile, then at the bottom click on My Volunteer Assignments.

Why isn’t the registration page secure?

Our web sites do not have SSL therefore do not show the https and lock symbol. The payment widget which takes your information is a secure widget and sends information to which is a secure site, there is no information transmitted or stored on our web sites. Another option is you can go to and search for our race name and register there.

Do you have a spot for drop bags or storing any of our gear?

Yes we put empty bins near the starting line at our races. Don’t put valuables like keys or wallets in them, they aren’t monitored.

I can’t make it to the race / I missed the race… Can I get my swag mailed to me before or after the race or pick up my shirt before the race weekend or after, etc?

No, all swag is given out at packet pickup and at the race. We put everything back into storage in the evening on race day or donate it.

Are there perks for registering as a team?

For all of our races, we are testing the system and possible perks. We are still deciding on what the awards are, it’s a work in progress. Also, if you consistently bringing 5+ people as part of a group we have discounts for groups. More details on that coming, but email us if you have a small or large group and we’ll get you a discount code.

Do you allow strollers at your races?

Yes for all distances for all of our races other than Bruneau Beast, Freakin Fast Half, and Freakin Fast Marathon. Please be courteous of other runners so that this remains allowed at those races. Do not start in the front of the crowd.

What type of timing do you use?

For the start we use the gun time for certain races (Freakin Fast Half and Marathon), for the finish we record you as your chip finishes. The main reason for this is because overall awards are based on gun time at most major races including ours. We do not guarantee the results will be based on chip start currently although most races we capture chip start and upload them when possible. If you are racing to qualify for Boston or another event based on one of our races, please make sure you have a decent starting position. For now, none of those races of ours (Lake Lowell Marathon, Freakin Fast Half, Freakin Fast Marathon) have so many runners that your time will be impacted more than a couple seconds. In the chance that you miss qualifying by a few seconds we can pull your start and make that adjustment if you inform us. We do capture chip starts at some of the races and will post those with the results when possible.

What is the closest airport to your races?

For all of our races, that would be Boise.

I’m from out of town, what hotel do you recommend I stay at?

Our host hotel is offering significant discounts for booking through Final Kick – TownePlace Suites Boise West/Meridian. See each race page for the link to the discounts. The TownePlace Suites is about 10 minutes West on I-84 from the airport. You will need to rent a car to get to and from the race. Unfortunately many of our races are within walking distance of any hotel, so there isn’t a work around for this year…fortunately you can get a rental car from the Boise airport for pretty darned cheap for a weekend.