Race Series

The 2017 Final Kick Running Championship Series will cover all 13 events for the calendar year. One major change will be that each distance will be broken up into it’s own series rather than mixing all the distances together. So there will be one series for the 5k distance, one for the 10k, one for the half, and one for the full. There are 11 5k events, 11 10k events, 12 half events, and 3 marathon events. The top 8 will count for the 5k, 10k, and half series, and the top 2 will count for the marathon series.

2016 Final Kick Event Series 2nd Half

Overall Male / Female for each distance starts at 100 points and decreases 1 point for each person finishing ahead of you. You are guaranteed at least 10 points towards the overall standings for showing up and running even if you’re last.
Distances are scored separately but all distances go towards the overall series standings. So this means if you regularly do 5k races you are competing with people doing 10k, half, and marathons as well.
Overall top 3 prizes will be given – at the moment we plan to do trophies and will work on some sort of prize packs.
Age groups will also be scored, starting with 25 points for 1st place in each age group and decreasing 1 point for each person finishing ahead of you. You are guaranteed at least 5 points towards the age group standings just for finishing.
Age group series awards (1st place probably) may be a special medal…no promises, that’s just what we’re thinking at the moment. It will be a very unique medal if that’s what we go with.
There are 7 races in this series, your top 5 scores will count in the end. This means you can miss 2 of the 7 races and still have a very solid shot at winning the series.
Your age is based on what you will be on Dec 31st.
Tiebreakers are 1) most additional points not included in the standings (i.e. 6th and 7th races), 2) furthest total distance run in the races during the series, 3) highest place at any single race, 4) coin flip.
Please notify us if you have missing results so we can get it fixed.
If you have questions, feel free to hit me (Wayne) up in person at one of the races towards the end when I’m not running around frantically.
Rules may be adjusted if it seems there is an obvious reason to adjust them.
The series results are not final until we hand out the trophies. At that point it’s all over. I’m not taking back a trophy…one of our kids had it happen at a chess tournament when he was 6 when a director mixed up the scoring…he was understandably upset. Oh hey a squirrel.

Included races:
Saturday July 2, 2016: Idaho Wine Run Summer Nights (10k, 5k)
Saturday July 23, 2016: Freakin Fast Half (Half)
Saturday August 27, 2016: Idaho Wine Run Harvest (Half, 10k, 5k)
Sunday September 25, 2016: Freakin Fast Marathon (Marathon)
Sunday October 23, 2016: Beer -N- Brats Run (Half, 10k, 5k)
Thursday November 24, 2016: Struttin For Stuffin (Half, 10k, 5k)
Sunday December 18, 2016: Ho Ho Ho Hustle (Half, 10k, 5k)


2016 Final Kick Events 1st Half

(The Beta was an unannounced test series to make sure we got the hang of the scoring system. Races are from January through June of 2016)